Moroto Hospital: Ministry Urges Collaboration to Address Challenges

Moroto Hospital
PHOTO -- East African Health Research Commission
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The Ministry of Health is urging leaders in Karamoja to collaborate with Moroto Regional Referral Hospital to address health challenges affecting the region.

Recently, Moroto hospital faced scrutiny after the tragic deaths of two mothers within a week following cesarean births. This sparked public outcry, with leaders demanding a comprehensive investigation into the facility’s operations and accusing doctors of negligence.

Faith Nakut, the MP for Napak district, raised concerns in Parliament, citing the deaths of 12 mothers due to failed C-sections at Moroto hospital in the past three months.

Other leaders echoed these concerns, highlighting increasing maternal deaths, especially among rural mothers receiving insufficient attention at health facilities.

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Stella Atyang, the MP for Moroto district, highlighted negative perceptions of the hospital’s services, including delays in treatment and inadequate supervision of medical interns.

However, a report from the hospital administration contradicted some of the claims made in Parliament, leading to accusations of misinformation.

Dr. John Ngorok, a hospital board member, urged leaders to verify information with hospital management before making public statements to rebuild trust.

Dr. Stephen Pande, the hospital director, emphasized challenges in attracting and retaining medical staff due to unfavorable working conditions, resulting in human resource gaps and reduced performance.

Local leaders were urged to collaborate and support efforts to improve health services, amidst reports of threats and attacks on hospital staff by armed groups.

Justin Tuko, the Moroto deputy Resident District Commissioner, emphasized the importance of teamwork and unity among health workers to enhance service delivery.

Dr. Diana Atwine, the Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, called for leaders’ intervention in providing solutions rather than solely criticizing the hospital. She emphasized the need for collective efforts to address factors contributing to deaths in health facilities.

Atwine expressed the Ministry’s commitment to improving health services but noted challenges, including the intimidation of medical staff by local leaders, leading to the loss of skilled professionals.

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