UPDF Empowers SACCOs in Busoga with Financial Literacy Training

UPDF Empowers SACCOs in Busoga with Financial Literacy Training
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The UPDF has prioritized building the capacity of SACCO leaders in the Busoga region in addition to commemorating the 43rd Tarehe Sita Anniversary with social services.

Recognizing the challenges faced by SACCOs, including poor management, lack of a saving culture, and weak ideology, the Wazalendo SACCO staff conducted training sessions over the past three weeks to equip leaders with the skills needed to manage and sustain SACCOs effectively.

The training workshops, concluded in Kamuli district, emphasized three key principles: mindset change, time management, and the selection of honest leaders. Lt. Col Kitanda, the Team leader and Vice Chairperson of Wazalendo SACCO Board, highlighted the critical role of leadership integrity in the success of SACCOs, noting that dishonest and greedy leaders pose a significant obstacle to sustainability.

Major Arthur Kwezi, the Wazalendo SACCO IT specialist, emphasized the importance of time management, noting that local communities have ample time and resources to engage in productive activities but often struggle to overcome poverty due to inefficiencies.

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The training sessions, held across various districts in Busoga, were attended by district leaders and technocrats. Major Norah Ongodia stressed the importance of community-led SACCO initiatives and the inclusion of women in leadership roles, highlighting the efficiency demonstrated by female leaders.

The UPDF’s month-long engagement in Busoga also included the construction of health facilities such as maternity wards and outpatient structures, market construction, and the provision of essential items like Mama kits, demonstrating a holistic approach to community development.

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