Gulu City Considers Closure of Bus Terminals

gulu city considers closure of bus terminals
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Gulu City Council is considering closing two bus terminals, Lamogi Ber and Makome, due to safety concerns on Andrea Olal Road.

These terminals, situated just 50 meters apart, disrupt traffic flow when buses enter or leave, blocking the road completely.

Lamogi Ber Terminal also violates road safety guidelines by loading and unloading passengers on Andrea Olal Road, posing risks to road users.

Councilor Moris Odong suggested revoking their licenses to prevent accidents and save lives.

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Gulu City Council Speaker Joyce Alima directed immediate closure of the terminals, citing illegal operations.

Despite pleas to enhance enforcement rather than closure, the council stands firm on its decision.

Closure could impact both commuters and transporters, raising concerns among stakeholders about livelihoods.

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