Uganda’s Tourism Attracts Turkish Interest

Collaboration Blooms as Turkish Tour Operators Explore Uganda
PHOTO - Anadolu Agency - Turkish tour operators are discovering the beauty and potential of Uganda's tourism industry, with hopes of fostering collaboration and attracting more Turkish tourists to the country. Uganda offers a diverse range of experiences that make it a compelling destination for travelers.
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A group of 20 visitors from Turkey is currently on a trip to Uganda to explore the country’s tourist attractions. They are led by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) and coordinated by Uganda’s Ambassador to Turkey, Nusura Tiperu, in collaboration with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ministry of Tourism, and Uganda Tourism.

The group has expressed their fascination with Uganda’s Equator, lush green landscapes, friendly people, and the diverse wildlife, especially in Queen Elizabeth National Park, which they have visited and shared photos of, showcasing their excitement.

Ambassador Tiperu explained that the purpose of the trip is to strengthen cooperation between Ugandan and Turkish tour operators and agencies. She also highlighted the opportunity to promote Uganda’s tourism potential in the Turkish market, with the hope of attracting Turkish tourists to the country.

Tiperu mentioned that the Turkish tour operators will later meet with their counterparts in Uganda to explore collaboration opportunities, marking the beginning of efforts to bring more Turkish tourists to Uganda.

Uganda, described as the friendliest country in the world in a 2017 survey among expatriates, offers a unique array of experiences, including the Big 5 + 2 safari, boat cruises on the Nile River, adventure activities like white-water rafting and mountaineering, and vibrant nightlife in the capital city, Kampala.

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