British Family Finds Kenyan Scorpion in Their Home After 6,000-Mile Journey

british family finds kenyan scorpion in their home after 6000 mile journey
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Exotic Scorpion Travels from Kenya to UK with British Family

A British family had a shocking encounter when they discovered a scorpion in their Northampton kitchen that had apparently traveled with them all the way from Kenya. Ian and Liz Burrows, aged 52 and 50, respectively, along with their 18-year-old daughter Daisy, returned home to find the scorpion on their kitchen floor. It is believed that the scorpion might have hidden in their luggage during their month-long trip to Kenya.

The Burrows family suspects that the scorpion might have been in their home for the past two weeks. Although they are unsure about the exact species, online research suggests it could be a striped back scorpion or a pygmy thick tail. While the venom from these types of scorpions is not typically deadly, it can cause severe pain and, in some cases, be dangerous.

Daisy initially mistook the scorpion for a leaf, but upon closer examination, she recognized it from her travels in Kenya. This led the family to believe it had traveled with them. Her father promptly placed the scorpion in a jar.

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The Burrows family, who had never encountered a scorpion before, found themselves in an unexpected situation. Mrs. Burrows expressed her concerns, saying, “I think my neighbors are quite anxious that we have a scorpion in the house,” while her husband wanted to keep the scorpion.

The venom of a striped back scorpion or a pygmy thick tail is considered poisonous and can be dangerous, and in some cases, deadly. This unusual discovery highlights the unexpected adventures that can occur during international travel.

Key Information Details
Date October 12, 2023
Location Northampton, England
Family Members Ian and Liz Burrows, Daisy (18-year-old daughter)
Origin of Scorpion Kenya
Species of Scorpion Unknown, possibly a striped back scorpion or a pygmy thick tail
Venom Venom from these scorpion species can cause pain and, in some cases, be dangerous
Discovery Daisy initially mistook the scorpion for a leaf and recognized it from her trip to Kenya
Action Taken The father placed the scorpion in a jar
Reaction Mrs. Burrows wanted to get rid of the scorpion, while her husband wished to keep it
Potential Danger The venom from the scorpion is not typically deadly but can be painful and dangerous in some cases

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