27-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide After Domestic Dispute in Kasese

Kasese Residents | PHOTO BY Owen Alton
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Residents of Kasese Municipality are calling for a police investigation into the apparent suicide of a 27-year-old man who allegedly took his own life at Kibandu bar following a domestic dispute.

The Police spokesperson for Rwenzori East Region, SP Nelson Tumushiime, identified the deceased as Ronald Mbaju, a resident of Basecamp upper cell in Kasese Municipality.

The chairperson of Basecamp upper cell in Kasese Municipality, Mr. David Nzande, stated that this was the second time the deceased had attempted suicide.

Mr. Paul Wakabalya, the father of the deceased who also serves as the chairperson of the local council in Buhaghura village, Rukoki sub-county, said that his repeated attempts to advise his son and daughter-in-law to stop drinking alcohol had been unsuccessful, leading to his son’s unfortunate death.

It is alleged that the deceased had been facing internal family conflicts with his wife, which were exacerbated by issues related to alcohol consumption.

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Paul Wakabalya further emphasized that the deceased had been on strained terms with his wife (name withheld) for a couple of days before he took his own life.

Mr. Pius Kambale, a close friend of the deceased, told the reporter that Ronald might have committed suicide after a disagreement with his romantic partner, Mary Biira, during a disco dance at Kibandu bar.

Meanwhile, a 60-year-old man has been arrested in Kaghorwe village in Nyakiyumbu sub-county, Kasese district, on allegations of adultery.

Mr. Oniz Mulembeki, the village leader for Kaghorwe, stated that the suspect, identified as Balibuga Sibiholya (age 60), is alleged to have committed adultery with Mrs. Masika Kathembo.

Mr. David Kule Nzande, the area LC1 chairperson for Base-camp upper, informed the media that the deceased used his wife’s clothing to hang himself.

The deputy mayor of Kasese municipality, Mupango Rabson, advised locals in response to this matter to turn to prayer whenever they face difficulties and to consult neighbors before contemplating self-harm.

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