Emyooga Funds Go Missing in Obongi, Defaulters Seek Refuge in South Sudan

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Emyooga SACCO embezzlers are experiencing constant sleepless nights and sweating profusely after the Obongi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr. Mpimbasa Hasaka, ordered their arrest. Mr. Hasaka confirmed that he is coordinating with his counterparts in South Sudan, particularly in the areas of Eastern Equatorial Province, including Pajok, Payam, Magwi County, and Juba-Capital, to repatriate the Emyooga defaulters from their hideouts in South Sudan back to Uganda in Obongi.

Six Emyooga SACCOs in Obongi district embezzled 200 million shillings and fled into hiding in the neighboring country of South Sudan, fearing alleged prosecution. This information was disclosed to our publication by the Obongi RDC, Mr. Hasaka Samuel Mpimbasa, in an exclusive interview on Monday morning.

The RDC of Obongi, Mr. Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, has ordered the arrest of leaders of six SACCOs who embezzled 200 million shillings in Emyooga funds and disappeared, to prevent a recurrence of such scenarios with PDM funds. According to the RDC, the worst case is the Obongi Constituency local leaders SACCO, whose leaders embezzled 50 million shillings and are now hiding day and night. To make matters worse, the leaders of the SACCO also stole the signpost of the SACCO.

The other SACCOs that embezzled Emyooga funds are the Youth SACCO (30 million), Women Entrepreneurs SACCO (30 million), the Fishermen-led SACCO (embezzled 30 million), the Veterans’ SACCO (also 30 million), and the Producers’ SACCO.

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RDC Hasaka Samuel, in an interview with our reporter, said he has opened a General Enquiry File in the police to investigate the matter and bring those implicated leaders to justice. He mentioned that the key leader of Women’s Entrepreneurship SACCO, who embezzled 30 million shillings, is now answering her phone with a man’s voice.

Emyooga District received 560 million shillings for the 18 categories of enterprise SACCOs. However, Hasaka commended that, although others are being sought in South Sudan, about nine SACCOs have success stories. Hashaka warned the purported defaulters that they should surrender to the Uganda police in Obongi before being declared most wanted by his office.

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