Oyam Clan Chief Sought by Police After Alleged Witchcraft Meeting Turns Violent

Oyam Police Communications
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Police in Oyam are searching for a clan chief accused of organizing a meeting that turned violent. The police in North Kyoga made a statement about attempted murder, arson, harming animals, and damaging property in the district.

Three suspected witch doctors, allegedly involved in witchcraft and poisoning, were rescued by the Oyam District police. The trouble began after a letter from Francis Okello Amuku, the clan chief of Okarowok-Wibye Acel Clan, surfaced on November 9, 2023.

The letter revealed plans for a meeting on November 10 at Anyeke Main Market. During the meeting, the three suspects reportedly confessed to causing the deaths of several people in the area. This admission angered the locals, leading to an attack on the suspects.

The police in Oyam were alerted, and they quickly intervened to rescue the three victims. The injured individuals were rushed to Anyeke Health Center IV for treatment in critical condition. The three identified suspects are Omeny Cerisitino (89 years old), Adongo Dorina (76 years old), and Acipa Catherine (40 years old).

Subsequently, a group of people damaged the victims’ homes, setting houses on fire and injuring animals. The police documented the scene, and cases of attempted murder, arson, harming animals, and property damage were registered at Oyam CP. The extent of the damages is yet to be determined.

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SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the police spokesperson for North Kyoga Region, condemned the actions of the locals and urged community leaders to promote peace, love, and unity. He discouraged the practice of taking suspects to a community court, emphasizing that it is against the law.

Efforts are ongoing to arrest the clan chief and other suspects involved in the incident, according to the police.

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