Lango ONC Youth Organize Colorful CSR Event in Lira City

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Lango ONC Youth
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Lira, Uganda – – The Office of the National Chairman (ONC) for Lango Sub-region voluntarily demonstrated social and corporate responsibility to the people of Lango and Uganda at large on Friday, September 29th. They were joined by several people from all walks of life in the city to support the event. This included Mr. Ocen Patrick, the Bazukulu NRM Coordinator, Lira City local leaders, youthful ONC members, NRM supporters, media teams from various outlets, a health team from Lira City, and numerous NRM party members from across the Lango sub-region.

Patrick Ocen, one of the four ONC coordinators from Lango sub-region under ONC Kyambogo, stated that a group of young people who trekked on foot had demonstrated their love for H.E., the President of the Republic of Uganda, as well as their patriotism. He emphasized the importance of continuing such efforts for the sake of the country’s peace.

The voluntary clean-up exercise in Lira City drew a large number of young people, leaving many astonished at the ONC NRM institution’s previous absence.

The post-celebration of H.E.’s birthday was dominated by over 300 youth, including NRM ONC members who had previously trekked on foot from Lira to Kampala to commemorate the Katonga heroes.

The able-bodied youth suggested that a new group called ‘Bolicap’ and “Canapota Atura” SACCOs should be legalized alongside PDM to eradicate poverty and create wealth among its members. They further noted that while the PDM project is a positive initiative, it is currently being manipulated by the wealthy, and only a few youth benefit from it. One youth leader was heard saying, “We still hope for a day when we can have the opportunity to meet with the President in the future.”

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“God is not limited to any village, therefore, as NRM ONC youth who walked from Lira to Kololo, we demand to meet His Excellency the President soon,” they added.

The ONC NRM coordinator for Lango Sub-region, Mr. Obadah Caesar, in his remarks, emphasized that it is time for the people of Lango Sub-Region to realize the benefits of NRM administration and ideology. He stated that this can be achieved through socio-economic transformation and wealth creation initiatives currently being implemented for the people.

He expressed gratitude to SPA Hadijjah Namyalo for her generous contributions that made the recent birthday celebration for H.E. Gen Yoweri Museveni Kaguta at Kololo a success.

Obada added that now is the right time to ensure that the NRM manifesto is effectively implemented before 2026. He requested all the people in Lango sub-region to vote for Mzee YKM in the upcoming 2026 elections.

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