Students warned against homosexuality as Usuk T/C FC celebrate Alupo Cup 2024 victory

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Usuk Town Council Fc Winners of Alupo cup 2024 have on Sunday 04th-Feb-2024 celebrated their victory in a colorful event at Usuk town council premises.

The team has won this tournament three times in 2006, 2016 and 2024.

Attended by fans, the community, and well wishers turned up in large numbers to wine and dine in the Joyous occasion.

Olar David the captain for Usuk T/C fc thanked God for the grateful day.

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He attributed their win to God “we prayed from stage one your prayers also helped us” said olar

He requested the guest of honour to register their team with Fufa so they can play competitive football.” we shall be happy if all goes well” he said.

He thanked the VP Toto Jessica Alupo for organising the prestigious awarding ceremony. He also lauded Mp Usuk Hon Bosco Okiror for his exceptional morale and support.

“In the day of finals if you were a weak player you could not ashame our Mp, hon. kept running with funs this was exceptional “said Olar

The team manager david Odeke thanked the vice president, Mp usuk, all usuk honourables and funs.

He appealed to Vice President and other well wishers to guide and support them register for competitive leagues like regionals, big league.

“We have been struggling for the last three years we have played till Zonals two times in serere and Kumi but because of lack of resource we always fail to qualify, boys in some games could play with only biscuit and water” he confessed.

He also requested the Vice President to take them for outings and go and verse other teams in Kampala as exposure.

“We carry the bragging rights that no team in Katakwi can come our way, we request you take us and we try other teams “Odeke said.

The Mayor Usuk Town Council Okot Simon Peter thanked all those who supported Alupo cup in any capacity to attain its success.

He also thanked Usuk county for the discipline exhibited

“Even if there were rumours of indiscipline we were able to quell the boys” said Okot

The Katakwi district Youth Councillor who also doubled as the chairperson organising committee for Alupo Cup 2024 and represented the Vice President Jessica Alupo thanked the Vice President for organising a unique tournament for the youth which gave them an opportunity to display their talents in soccer from 8th jan -31st jan.

While representing the VP he sent regards and thanks from the VP to the players for winning Alupo Cup 2024.

The VP said “You have broken a record all the way from parish level to winning the trophy it was not easy congratulations”

The tournament was played in 3 phases starting from parish level, 131 parishes with each received a ball, whistle and facilitation to all the refferes,

At County level the second phase Usuk had 5 teams ,Ngariam 7teams , Toroma county 8 teams, every team toto VP facilitated 400,000 for transport, 250000 for all participating teams as appreciation as they competed to produce two teams to represent at district level.

At the third phase the district level all the eight teams camped at Aputon Primary School in Katakwi district for 5 days with facilitation of 400,000 each and 3 meals on a daily where Usuk Town Council emerged winners.

“I want to thank God for giving us wisdom to vote for VP Alupo,I urge you to return toto vp to parliament come 2026, there has never been a tournament to happen in katakwi like this since the world was made” exclaimed Otukei

He thanked all coaches for the discipline exhibited and implementing the core objectives of Alupo Cup 2024

What are the objectives of Alupo Cup 2024

According to Otukei the tournament is aimed at identifing and promote talent.

“The best player a young boy from Okore was discovered, as if that is not enough the best keeper is also discovered here in Usuk Town Council” he said

To fight drug abuse

During newyear eve the vice president paid a courtesy visit to the Prison, but she noticed the number of inmates were young youth who commit crimes after taking drugs like Marijuana

Otukei says according to his desk they hope to reduce drug abuse that is looming.

”During the tournament we kept educating the youth to quit smoking Opium and other drugs” he adds.

Productive farming at home

As a youth practice farming so that you can have food in your families and homesteds

“Be responsible citizen if there is food you can sell and facilitate other miscillenious actitivites” said Otukei

To fight teenage pregnancy

We used the opportunity to sensitise the youth to leave the young girl child to pursue education.

“we educated the youth on the disadvantages of young families using media , charts and counseling” he added


So many youth in katakwi are used to fight leaders. Toto VP encouraged the youth to use the tournament as a unifying factor

Otukei says “We are one district lets unite as one, unity was exhibited at Apuuton primary school where different teams camped ate from one saucepan and stayed on the same compound for five days.

He used the opportunity to thank the VP for accepting the youth to manage the tournament by them selves

In his speech he encouraged the parents to take their children to school.

“I appeal to you parents, its time for school let’s take our children to school” he said.

He urged the parents to always advice their children against the fast raising vice of homosexuality.

“Homosexuality is imported, as a youth leader I will not tolerate this nonsense of using the Anus as a sex organ” exclaimed Otukei

He said its shocking that Sensible huge people are forcing our desperate brothers to embrace sodomy, because of money.

“You can have your money, but What’s the essence to return home with a pamper and complications” he said

He also appealed to the community to stop selling their land.

“There is an increase in pollution but the land is not increasing, lets not sell our land to foreigners just cheaply” he said

He also quashed allegations that he swindled Alupo Cup Money, saying its political propaganda from his political haters.

He thanked the President of the Republic of Uganda for appointing The MP Alupo Jessica as the Vice President of Uganda.

Come 2026, Just vote for Number 1 president Museveni and number 2 Toto VP who will all be on the ballot paper.

The event was graced by cutting of a cake, lots of nyama choma, drinks and music overnight.

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