Kotido LCV Komol Advocates for Speedy PDM Disbursement

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Kotido LCV Chairperson,Komol Paul in an interview recently at Margarita Palace Hotel Lira / Photo by Okidi Patrick.
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The Kotido LCV Chairperson, Hon. Lotee Paul Komol, commonly known as “Hustler number 001” and popularly referred to as “Kacheri Boy,” shared insights with the media in an exclusive interview on Sunday morning. He revealed that the Kotido district’s PDM (Parish Development Model) disbursement status is expected to reach 60 percent by the end of next week.

Komol, also known as the ‘Son of the Peasant,’ was quoted as saying, “I don’t want to lie to you; the PDM process is very long and tedious.” He highlighted that the verification process by the parish and sub-county committee is challenging. He mentioned that various sub-counties in Kotido, including Kapeta, Kacheri, Regen, Panyangara, Nakapelimoru, among others, might receive a substantial disbursement in their respective Parish PDM SACCOs by the close of December 20, 2023.

The challenges faced in PDM in Kotido, according to Komol, include issues with identification and verification codes, causing setbacks in the disbursement process. He pointed out that computer-related delays, such as National Identification Numbers (NIN) data entry comparisons, have contributed to significant delays in the overall process.

The Kotido district leader emphasized that by the end of the second week of December 2023, PDM disbursement is expected to reach 60 percent. He called upon the teams handling PDM at all levels, especially in the district, sub-county, and parish levels, to expedite their work so that all beneficiaries are sorted out before the Christmas holiday period interrupts the disbursement process.

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Komol, also known as the ‘Son of the Peasant,’ expressed strong appreciation for the NRM government’s focus on PDM, highlighting that the emphasis on wealth creation has significantly improved the lives of people in Kotido district. He reiterated his belief in the NRM ideology of socio-economic transformation and emphasized the importance of taking NRM seriously due to the rapid development experienced in Karamoja and the entire country.

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