Museveni Slams US and UK Embassies for Issuing Terrorism Advisories

Museveni the God father
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President Yoweri Museveni has strongly criticized the United States and the United Kingdom embassies for issuing advisories to their citizens, warning against traveling to Uganda due to terrorism concerns. Speaking in response to the recently concluded Nyege Nyege festival in Jinja districts, Museveni emphasized that advisories, if necessary, should come from the government and not external entities.

Museveni expressed his discontent, stating, “These panicky Americans and British made a mistake by sending advisories to their citizens not to come to Uganda. If the situation was dire, it should be us advising people, not the British and the Americans. We are capable and knowledgeable in handling any situation, and these advisories represent interference in our internal affairs.”

The president attributed a portion of terrorism in Africa to Western influence. He pointed out instances such as the chaos in Libya and the terrorism conservation project in Eastern Congo, attributing them to actions by certain global actors.

Acknowledging credible information about external elements attempting to infiltrate the Nyege Nyege festival, Museveni commended Uganda’s security forces for ensuring the event’s organization without major incidents. He highlighted the strength of the country’s security system in safeguarding a large, pre-announced public function despite terrorist threats.

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